Edan Esinly

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Edan Esinly’s Escape Room: the Attack on Visual Communication was my immersive experience graduation project. It was presented at the Bezalel Academy of Art, Jerusalem in June 27, 2017. Five critics / lecturers were locked within a specifically built room, and were given 20 minutes to find clues, crack codes and perform a series of controversial actions in order to escape it.

In this architectural intervention, a new classroom was built at the last floor of the academy’s building. It led to a second secret room, accessible only by unlocking a pair of electrical-room doors. A microphone and four security cameras were installed onto the walls, as the live presentation was broadcasted live to an audience of students gathered outside the room.

The gameplay was consisted of a series of riddles based on classic visual communication formats: posters, video projections, business cards and brochures. Every element of this apparatus was purposely designed.

Following some intense three years residing in terror-possessed Jerusalem, I was urged to create an experience that would address the issues graphic designers must be aware of. As participants moved within different perspectives of the Israeli reality, their perception of it was constantly changing over a period of a very short time, demonstrating the manipulative nature of design.