Edan Esinly

Design and Art Direction

Apple Watch Ultra

Brand Identity
Packaging Design
Art Direction
This is Apple Watch Ultra. Apple's most rugged and capable watch ever. A watch specifically designed for extreme demands, outdoor adventure and endurance athletes, while still an Apple Watch at the core. For a product with such ambition, the packaging required an approach that equally pushed boundaries. For Apple Watch Ultra we reimagined the packaging experience of an Apple Watch. The exterior wrap folds together to seal three individual items - a user guide pamphlet, the 49mm titanium case, and one of three specialized bands. Each band with a unique packaging system. After opening the exterior wrap, the consumer is immediately immersed into one of three extreme environments. The inner wrap features photography that takes the consumer to the highest, lowest, and deepest points of California - Mount Whitney, Monterey Canyon and Death Valley. The inner wrap and pamphlet cover were designed to work together seamlessly. The pamphlet details the precise and unique hardware and software design innovations made for the 49mm titanium case and the Alpine, Ocean and Trail bands. The pamphlet design and narrative draw inspiration from extreme explorers, past and present. Bringing an all-new rugged approach to product illustration and product photography. Additionally, Apple Watch Ultra packaging uses no plastic in the outer wrap. 100% of the virgin wood fiber comes from recycled and responsible sources. 98% of the packaging is fiber-based, due to Apple's efforts to use less plastic in packaging. Apple Watch Ultra—a watch that pushes boundaries, so you can do the same.